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What does Video Records Inc.do? 
Video Records Inc. assists individuals and business in creating and maintaining a permanent record through written accounts, compiled lists and video or still photography of all types of activities. Some of the more popular records are:

What is an Inventory of Possession®?
An inventory of possessions is a record of all the contents of a home, and office, or other location. This record is useful in several ways.

What  is a Property Condition Status®?
A Property Condition Status is a record of the condition of leased property showing the condition of the property at the time possession is taken, and again at the time the premises are vacated. It is used to demonstrate to the landlord that the condition of the premises has not appreciably changed during the occupancy by the lessee. 

What is a Living Legacy Interview®?
A Living Legacy Interview is an interview of an individual or group of individuals that have stories to recant in order to preserve the telling of the events as in an oral tradition. Examples are veterans recounting events that occurred during the war. Married couples telling stories about their lives, the lives of their parents and families, and of their children as living history for generations to come. Every person has a story to tell that someone in the future will appreciate and cherish.

What is a Damage Assessment®?
A Damage Assessment is performed after a loss has been suffered. The Assessment documents the extent of the loss before any efforts are made to preserve the property or make repairs. This will document the conditions and extent of the loss and provide a record of the steps taken to prevent further loss and preserve property.

Why do I need a Video Inventory?
Everyone who has any material possessions needs a Video Inventory. A Video Inventory is a time saving device when you need to complete a loss inventory. A Video Inventory will assist law enforcement in identifying, recovering, and returning stolen property. A Video Inventory provides your family with a keepsake inventory of your possessions and property. A Video Inventory of collections helps to protect the value of those collections in the event of a fire, damage or theft.

I have a video camera. I can make my own videos. Why do I need you?
Video Records Inc. is a professional company, staffed with personnel who have done hundreds of videos for many people. Our work is recognized as being of the highest quality and integrity. Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of the business and what we do. We can document your activities or possessions properly and professionally. Sure, you can make your own video, but will you? Remember, you should probably be in the video, not behind the camera.



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