Providing a Valuable Portfolio for Your Piece of Mind

What Is A Video Inventory?

A video inventory is visual documentation of your home and property. This video recording is recommended by law enforcement authorities, insurance companies and estate lawyers. Your video can also serve as a worthy tool for estate planning and a Living Legacy to be enjoyed by generations to come.


The Valuable Portfolio Provides:

Comprehensive home inventory
Detailed record of fine jewelry. antiques, collectables and fine art pieces.
Proof of ownership if you are a victim of theft or natural disaster.
Valuable information used to determine insurance coverage required.
Peace of mind for
homeowners that there is a visual and documented catalog of possessions.



Video Recording

Our qualified professionals video  tape your home in detail for the purpose of insurance coverage, estate planning, and visual documentation of possessions. We encourage our clients to take an active role in the video tape by offering narrated details of interest or benefit about the home or specific contents. In essence this portfolio is also a Living Legacy as well as a tool of confidence and planning.




Digital Still Shots

For treasured jewelry, collectables and family heirlooms that require special care we are prepared to do digital still photographs. As with all our services, this too can be customized to your needs.




Itemized Spreadsheet

We offer an itemized spreadsheet with pertinent information about your valuables for quick references. This will be customized to your wishes and as in depth as your needs dictate.



Video Records Inc. provides property owners with a Valuable Portfolio™ of digital records for the purpose of estate planning, damage and loss assessment, and property insurance. Your video record is also a Living Legacy™ to be treasured by generations to come.

At Video Records Inc. client confidentiality is of utmost importance while providing qualified home inventory specialists to serve you. We respect your privacy and the contents of your home or business.

Your video as well as all personal information will never be shared or accessible to anyone. Even our archive copy of your video will be stored in a separate location as our office and cataloged by account number only... never by name or address! You can rest assured we will protect your confidential information.

Your peace of mind is our goal.

Call Video Records Inc today for the peace of mind you deserve. Your video record will be a true investment and a Living Legacy to be treasured by generations to come.




You are at a loss without it!

You will be lost without us!

We are there for you when disaster strikes.

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